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Imagine being able to build and automate 30,000 long tail search (text) ads with all the latest prices, inventory and attributes being updated whenever your feed is. If you are out of stock of a particular item the ad group stops running.

Think Google Shopping for text ads! With the right platform it can take as little as 25 minutes to execute. This is the future of programmatic! The advanced Ecommerce platform you need today to help you see uplift in your ROAS as high as 200%. Don’t hire a team- use the PPC Machine Learning machine for feed management. Increase ROI & sales now!


The Most Powerful Sales Weapon Ever Devised – Become a Linked In Power User and we’ll do all the work. Now you can harness the power of Linked In. We know how powerful LinkedIn can be for your business.

We use it on a daily basis, and LinkedIn has been responsible for 50% of our business lead generation.However, there is a huge benefit to knowing how all of the components of LinkedIn work, and of course, then finding time to use these in practice! What many people don’t understand, is that your LinkedIn profile should be very active in order for you to come up in high in searches.

That means that you must dedicate several hours per week. We do all that hard work for you as a fully managed Linked In Power House


Affiliate Marketing is a form of online advertising that rewards publishers (affiliates) for promoting the Advertiser’s products or services.

Affiliates are paid when a visitor to their site clicks through a tracked affiliate link to the advertiser’s site and performs a specified action.

Advertisers stipulate whether they reward affiliates for sales, leads, calls or applications and define in advance the amount or percentage they are prepared to pay for each result.

Instant connect considers all our affiliate partners & aggregators as performance based in today’s digital world. As the market has grown to become even more complex; this has resulted in an emergence of managed and self-managed services and a plethora of secondary tier players including affiliate management agencies, super-affiliates and specialised third party vendors.


Research shows that around 70% of consumers will abandon their online shopping. Instant Connect realises the power of cart abandonment. We can offer cart abandonment and cost per sale solutions for our clients to recover lost business whilst only paying on a commission basis. We have clients that have seen the performance on campaign results increase by 300%!


Marketplaces (e.g. eBay, Amazon, etc.) are platforms that enable our clients to reach out and connect to their customers. Marketplaces increase online income and drive increased return on investment (ROI). This is achieved by optimising content and elevating product data to maximise product reach. Whether you choose one marketplace or select a myriad of channels; your products are optimised to provide maximum exposure whilst ensuring product levels are managed and sustained. This method allows clients to optimise their performance whilst targeting specific goals.


The Performance Remarketing model uses real time data to improve conversion rates. By determining unique triggers by the customer whilst on the web page, pop-ins, personalised or dynamic overlays will appear tempting the visitor not to leave the page without a purchase.


Product Level Marketing enables retailers to optimise a range of products including conversion, cost of sale percentage, return on ad spend (ROAS) and margin to name a few. Setting precise performance targets ensures that campaign optimisation is aligned to business KPIs whilst driving lucrative growth. In addition, tracking all product interactions across all channels provides actionable and comprehensive reporting awareness.


The onsite remarketing model uses real time data to improve conversion rates. By determining unique triggers by the customer whilst on the web page, pop-ins, personalised or dynamic overlays will appear tempting the visitor not to leave the page without a purchase. Our clients have the ability to negotiate commissions payable subject to new versus returning customers. This can be used in conjunction with any other retargeting activity.


Instant Connect brings over 15 years of online marketing experience to the paid for performance arena of APAC. Founders of Instant Connect commenced in 1999 in the UK where as Co-Founder of Crystal Guides Ltd they quickly realised there was an opportunity for affiliate marketing within various business sectors and implemented successful campaigns. Founders contributed to the success of several blue chip companies such as British Airways, Citibank and HSBC to name a few. Instant Connect has continued to be at the forefront of paid for performance marketing in Australia. Instant Connect Consulting is passionate about the benefits of what performance marketing can bring to our clients’ to further enhance their successful online marketing campaigns. Instant Connects passion for online businesses contributes to our overall enthusiasm for our clients with extraordinary energy and dedication in a dynamic environment where creativity and innovation are part of the core structure.


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